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LawNext Reviewer Agreement

LawNext is the owner and publisher of the LawNext Legal Technology Directory currently available at in which we publish profiles of legal technology products (which include service offerings). We desire to add high quality user reviews to our Directory to help potential purchasers evaluate legal technology products. LawNext invites you to submit reviews of legal technology products for inclusion in our Directory if your reviews meet our Content Quality requirements below and you have hands-on experience using the products you are reviewing and no economic incentive to review a product positively or negatively. If you submit a review to us, you agree that the terms of this agreement will apply.

Content Quality. You agree that your reviews will reasonably adhere to our content quality guidance for reviews that we post when leaving your review and which we may update from time to time. Most importantly, you agree your reviews will (i) reflect your own opinion based on personal use of the reviewed product; (ii) use polite and factual language to explain what you like and do not like about a product and related vendor services in the context of your own work rather than simply communicating a summary positive or negative opinion; (iii) not contain confidential information, individual names or other personal identification information, spam, libel, profanity, obscenity or language that is hateful, abusive, bullying or in violation of law. Your reviews should also avoid displaying clear positive or negative personal bias based on factors other than the quality and usefulness of the product or service, since such biased reviews hurt both the vendor and our platform by causing users to distrust the opinions you express and your motives for leaving the reviews.

Identity verification. The authenticity of reviewers as users of the products they review is important to us and the users of our Directory. We may attempt to verify your identity by requiring you associate your review with a business email address, a LinkedIn account, or another verified account. You agree that all information you provide us about yourself, either when registering an account with LawNext, leaving a review, or by other means, is reasonably accurate and complete. You agree that in some cases, we may also validate you as a reviewer by partnering with vendors and organizations to authenticate that you are a current or past user of the product(s) you review. Failure to provide accurate information about yourself or your usage of the product which you are reviewing may result in LawNext being unable to publish your review.

No conflicts of interest. You agree not to submit a review for any product in which you or your employer has an affiliation, or a direct or indirect financial interest, including but not limited to products or services created, licensed, distributed or sold by you or by an entity in which you have an interest, or by your current or former employer; nor any product of a competitor of you, an entity in which you have a financial interest, or your current or former employer.

No pay-to-play. You may not accept payment or other incentives from a vendor or any organization apart from LawNext, directly or indirectly, to positively review its product.

Authorized Incentives. From time to time, LawNext itself may offer users de minimis incentives to leave reviews of products they have used. Such incentives should not, and are not intended to, influence the reviewer’s opinion in any manner or the positivity or negativity of the review. In any case, you agree that the contents of your reviews will in no circumstance be influenced by an incentive you accept from LawNext or a Vendor.

Some incentives, such as gift cards and other rewards, may be offered in limited quantities. LawNext will make reasonable efforts to indicate the availability of such rewards before reviewers begin writing a review, however LawNext cannot guarantee the availability of such limited quantity rewards, even in exchange for your completed review.

LawNext may offer additional incentives in exchange for completing multiple reviews. The terms of these additional incentives, including the reward itself, the value of the reward, the number of reviews required to earn the reward, and the method of delivery of any incentives, are subject to change at any time. LawNext is not obligated to honor outdated terms of these incentive programs once the terms have changed. The current terms for these additional incentives, including how many rewards are required to earn an incentive, and what the incentive is, may be viewed from the Rewards section of a reviewer’s dashboard.

Requirements for Incentives. Reward incentives, unless otherwise stated, are offered in exchange for reviews that meet our Guidelines for Reviews and conform to this LawNext Reviewer Agreement. Submitted reviews that are rejected or removed for not meeting our guidelines are not eligible for incentives.

Reward Delivery. Except when otherwise stated, incentives and rewards accumulate inside your LawNext reviewer account, and are not automatically delivered. These rewards may be redeemed from inside your reviewer account. Incentives will not be available for redemption until your review has been moderated and deemed to meet our Review Guidelines and LawNext Reviewer Agreement.

Review moderation. All reviews are subject to review and moderation by LawNext. We reserve the right to edit or modify reviews to conform to our style and technical requirements, but will not modify the content in a way that changes the nature or intent of the review in our reasonable opinion.

Review Rejections and Removals. LawNext reserves the right to reject or remove reviews that do not meet its minimum quality or validation standards or that LawNext deems inappropriate for any reason at its sole discretion, including but not limited to reviews that include confidential information, spam, libel, profanity, obscenity, or language that is hateful, abusive or bullying.

Review revisions. Future LawNext functionality may enable a reviewer to return and update or revise their review if the reviewer’s opinion changes or to reflect changes to the product. Any such revisions are subject to this agreement and LawNext’s review and approval in the same manner as original reviews.

Reviewer privacy. Either when leaving a review, or from within your LawNext reviewer account, we will offer reviewers the option to completely or partially mask their identity in their posted review so that it is not visible to the public and we will also not share that information with any vendor. The reviewer will still be required to provide his or her identity to LawNext in order to validate the reviewer, as described above. Reviewers who choose not to mask their identity give LawNext permission to display their name, image, job information, or likeness on their public review. We will not share a reviewer’s contact information with the Vendor being reviewed, or with any other third party, without your consent. This agreement is subject to our privacy policy, found here. LawNext will not share your contact information except as described in this Agreement and the applicable privacy policy.

LawNext Communications. By leaving a review and signing up for an account with LawNext, you give LawNext permission to contact you about your review and your account using the email and/or phone number you’ve provided. You also authorize LawNext to contact you by email about future review incentive programs, LawNext product developments, marketing promotions, and related updates. You may opt out of these communications at any time.